Giving Gator Opponents The Full Parramore

In our first blog post a few months ago, we paid tribute to the merciless renderings of Yale’s opponents by the late W.B. Crocker. But from 1956 through 1961 Florida’s “Parramore” made Crocker look like Norman Rockwell by comparison.

Under the artist’s imaginative eye, the Gators’ foes were drowned in quicksand, skinned alive, blown up by a “super duper hydrogent bomb,” sent into space orbit, booted through the uprights of a goalpost, roasted over a rotisserie spit, sent packing on the back of an elephant, and thrown into a dryer at the laundromat. No fate was too ignominious for the assortment of Tigers, Bulldogs, Commodores and other opponents who had the misfortune to encounter Parramore’s pen.

But of all the covers this Norman Rockwell of Gainesville ever drew, the one that’s always warmed the cockles of alligator hearts the most is the one that graced the 1956 Georgia program. On a warm Gainesville afternoon, what better accompaniment to a tailgate party than the mouthwatering aroma of the “Gator Food Packing Plant” wafting over your fish fry or barbecue grill?

Of course it didn’t hurt that in addition to dishing out heaping helpings of Dawg ribs and the Dawg tenders and the Dawg burgers and the Dawg dogs, the Gator chef also served up four Gator touchdowns, one in each quarter, while the Georgians received nothing for their toils but the promise of the Hereafter. For our friendly swamp denizens it was a day to remember.

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