A Buckeye Artist And Hawkeye Subject – Machetanz Does It Again

A few months ago we introduced the legendary Ohio State cover artist Frederick Machetanz, a Buckeye product who began illustrating football programs while he was still an undergraduate. From 1929-42, his work enhanced the Ohio Stadium experience for a generation of fans, until he joined the Navy, moved to Alaska, and eventually became one of that territory/state’s most beloved artists.

Our previous example of Machetanz’s work was a 1929 map of the Buckeye campus, drawn for the Northwestern game of that year. Patterned after similar maps drawn by the renowned “flapper” artist John Held Jr., this was one of the illustrations that showed Machetanz’s whimsical side.

By contrast, the one you see today exhibits much more of a traditional “artistic” style, in this case a genre of illustration known as the “fadeaway look”. This wildly popular form was developed by the artist Coles Phillips in the old Life magazine in 1908, and was featured on many hundreds of magazine covers and advertising campaigns from that year until the artist’s death in 1927. Machentanz’s tribute to Phillips here is as clear as the lines in his art.

But beyond the “fadeaway look” itself, what distinguishes this illustration from most program covers is that the player depicted is decked out in the black and gold of the visiting Iowa Hawkeyes. And since our distributor has just obtained the license to print and sell covers from Iowa games, we thought that this stunning piece by Fred Machetanz would be a perfect introduction to our newest school

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