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It Came Up Oranges For The Irish In Ara’s Last Game

For the second straight year, unbeaten Alabama faced Notre Dame on New Year’s Day, with their national championship hopes on the line. In the 1974 Sugar Bowl, the two teams came into the game with identical perfect records, and the … Continue reading

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Howell and Hutson Spark The Tide In Dazzling Aerial Show

With an astonishing total of 14 National Championships under its belt, trying to pick the “best” Alabama team is a futile exercise, as cross-era comparisons are virtually impossible. But while there’s little doubt that one of the more recent champions … Continue reading

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Mrs. Suzan McClelland — Ultimate Fan of The Tide

Ordinarily we use this space to describe one of the many hundreds of games in our collection of program covers. But when we ran across this story of Mrs. Suzan McClelland in today’s New York Times, we thought we’d share … Continue reading

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First Win Was Toughest for Nittany Lions

Penn State has had a long and illustrious football history, but because of its decision to remain outside of a conference framework for most of its gridiron existence, it seldom was invited to the mostly conference-based bowl games. In fact, … Continue reading

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97 Years To Go 125 Miles

You knew that there was going to be bad blood between these two schools when they first met on George Washington’s birthday in 1893, and couldn’t even agree on what season they were playing in!  Alabama counted it as a … Continue reading

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Beating Up On The Bear

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The most important game in Southern football history

While the reputation of football south of the Mason-Dixon line had been creeping gradually upward by the mid-1920s, at the end of 1925 there had yet to be a signature moment that could prove to Yankee skeptics that any Dixie … Continue reading

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